Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered most of the common questions below.

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I've never surfed before - is it for learners?

Absolutely. Aloha Surfhouse is by far the worlds easiest place to find your feet on a surfboard – because it keeps rolling! Our Surfstream™ wave machine has 3 different settings – The Inlet (knee high – for beginners) | The Wall (waist high – for intermediate) | The Tube (head high barrel – for advanced shredding). The inlet setting gives even the most novice of surfer a boost in confidence by allowing extended time on a board.


wave pool for beginners

‘the inlet’ – our beginner wave height.

Is it safe?

SurfStream® can be adjusted and operated to provide a high degree of safety for almost anyone with or without padding or helmets. Slow water speeds and a deep cushion of water are keys to safety as well as our trained operators. Your skill needs to increase with wave size and speed. Like your local skate park, Aloha Surfhouse may require helmets be worn for stand up surfing…while bodyboarding and bodysurfing protective gear is not needed.

How many people can ride at a time?

Rip it with your mates!

Even the smallest SurfStream® can support up to 5 riders at once. We don’t designate a “single” or a “double” because ALL SurfStream® models can accommodate multiple riders.

As for sessions, we’ll be allocating 30 min sessions capped with 12 riders per session.

Does it feel like a flowrider?

Not really.

We’ve ridden Floriders before ourselves and while they’re a bit of fun – the sliding and spinning loses it’s novelty after a while.

Flowriders are like skimboarding – because you’re riding on few inches of water

Aloha is more like true surfing – because both the depth and wave shapes allow you to use a board with fins, trim and turn.

Fins create stability, meaning – they give you something to pivot off, trun and learn (properly).



Is it like a river wave?

River waves come in an infinite variety and Aloha Surfhouses variety is similar to these natural standing waves.

The similarities is the deep constant stream of water that gives us longer rides and quicker learning.

What is the age range to surf the wave?

We welcome almost any age groups to ride with us at Aloha Surfhouse.

Surfstream technology has had people from 4 to 70 surf the entry level setttings, with the barrel setting best suited to experienced boardriders.

Apart from the wavepool, what else is in at Aloha Surfhouse?

We’ll also have a fashion boutique, a coffee shop and yoga classes. Each of these corners will be run by surf boutique owners, actual barista experts and qualified fitness instructors.

So you are Aloha Surfhouse...who is 'surfstream'?

Surfstream™ is ONE of the wave technologies developed by American Wave Machines™ and is the style of wave you’ll find at Aloha Surfhouse. American Wave Machines are deep in the wavepool building game with a collective experience spanning well over 20 years. Their team is based in Solana Beach, California and they’re stoked with the Aloha Surfhouse team up. Expect more innovation to come from these guys.


Once I'm up and riding, how long can I rip it for?

You can ride our waves longer than any wave you’ve ridden before. Either fatigue or trying something rad will end your turn…a much better way to end than the wave simply stopping.

Shred…get rolled…then watch your friends have a go.

When will it be ready?

Aloha Surfhouse plans to have our wavepool fully operational by Summer 2017, in Perth Western Australia.

Exact dates are difficult to pin down..but we do know we’ll be the first ‘out of ocean’, surf-able wave in Australia.

Any other questions?

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