about us

Aloha Surfhouse is all about making Perth folks smile.
We’re crafting an accessible home for Perth’s likeminded people to come grab a coffee, hang out, meet family and friends…and surf.
Regardless of your board riding ability or the weather outside, Aloha Surfhouse breaks 365 days a year.
Our Yoga studio, Espresso bar, Lifestyle boutique and Wavepool all harmonise together and give Perth’s northern suburbs a healthy community to be a part of.


always offshore

An ongoing, forever breaking wave..in the suburbs

Aloha Surfhouse gives Perth’s surfing community the ability to progress their boardriding.

For ALL levels of surfing.

Learners have longer to figure out what foot goes where, how to turn and what feels right..while experienced riders have a permanent never ending wall to lay it down on, refine their skills and work on their style.

As surfers in Perth, we all know the surf itch cant be scratched all the time – wind, swell and our busy schedule’s all need to align before we can throw the board in the car.

At Aloha, getting a board under your feet and the feeling of real progression is quicker and on tap.

Surfstream goes over and above surfable waves with their technology – you can learn more about the actual wave tech below.

Meet up with your mates, hang and surf – its always offshore at Aloha Surfhouse


2nd floor vitality

Our yoga studio will live up above on the mezzanine floor and will be operated by a specialist team of yoga instructors and leaders.

Aloha is actively seeking experienced Yoga instructors with established practices to operate their business in the dedicated Yoga space.

Get in touch with our team if you feel you and your business is a fit with the Aloha vibe



brands that reflect our lifestyle

Our boutique is a space that carries likeminded lifestyle brands and products.

The retail footprint is right on the entrance into Aloha and will stock active wear, surf accessories and mens and womens lifestyle apparel.

We’re in the process of securing brands and collections for our 2017 opening.


pre and post surf caffeine

Good coffee makes a place.

Sure, we’re primarily a wavehouse but we’re also coffee fiends.

A well brewed cup of joe is essential for a good quality hang with your friends and like many active Perth folks, it’s part of the pre and post surf ritual.

Similarly to our Yoga studio – we’re extending the opportunity for established coffee businesses to become part of the in-house Aloha vibe

Contact our team for more information.